Manage your fulfillment services in-house

Magz offers small magazine publishing companies an opportunity to manage subscription fulfillment online. You own and control your data.

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Give your publishing company's fulfillment services a facelift with Magz's intuitive modern web application. Claim or today!

Mobile Friendly

Whether your customers are on Desktop PCs or iPhones, Magz offers them the ability to fully manage their entire subscription including communications whereever they choose.

Small NH Business

Magz is a small local business operating out of New Hampshire, USA. Magz is not funded by any investors or banks and is privately owned and operated. Magz is dedicated to giving you control over your data.

Offer your subscribers something new

Magz is a simple and intuitive yet powerful subscription fulfillment management software that gives publishers the ability to modernize their fulfillment process using Magz technology.

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Engage with your customers and grow your business

Magz is a cloud based web service, therefore you can engage with your customer base in ways you previously thought were impossible. Magz offers you the ability to send campaign style mailers both delivered by USPS and by Email to subscribers who opt for receiving letters from you. Not only can you quickly reach your entire subscriber base outside of your publication, but you can also send targeted letters and emails to select groups of subscribers based on a wide range of criteria.

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Address Verification

All domestic and international addresses can be verified to ensure deliverability of publication materials in order to reduce costs and increase customer engagement.

Live Chat Integration

Instantly engage with your existing subscribers or capture the attention of new subscribers with customizable Live Chat Integration tools.

PDF Mailer Campaigns

Upload your own PDF or create one with our interactive editor to send promotional campaign material to the exact group of subscribers of your choice.

Email-less Emails

Because subscriptions are managed through Subscription ID and Last Name, email addresses can be made optional for your publication should you choose. Therefore all potential emails that would normally have been sent will be available to your subscriber easily when they view their subscription.

Remiss Log

Remiss represents outstanding fulfillments per subscriber. Magz offers a complete transactional log of all changes to customer fulfillments including handling gift subscriptions, tracking fulfillments and purchases, either company wide or specific to one subscriber. Power through data!

Fulfillment Exports

Export a compiled CSV file containing all of your subscriber's contact and account information in a format specifically prepared for your printing provider. Once a fulfillment export has been created, and the printer accepts them, the publisher can mark the export as fulfilled and every subscriber will have a new remiss log entry added to their account tracking the fulfillment and when it was marked. Power through data!

Globally Available

Magz is a globally distributed cloud application that operates in the United States, Canada, and Frankfurt. Magz is powered by Content Distribution Networks (CDN) and is fault tolerant to region specific downtime risk.

Customizable Branding

Add your logo, top banner (or ad), custom navigation bar, and multiple static pages to your instance of Magz to provide the ultimate experience to your subscribers. Create pages like Ad Rate Cards, Special Announcements or Featured Content.

Custom Legal

Specify your own Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Acceptable Use Policy, GDPR Policy, and COPPA Policy (in extension to Magz's legal terms). If you do not specify your own custom legal terms, Magz will automatically use a standard template and replace all relevant contact information for you.

Retain Old Subscribers

Magz is dedicated to ensuring that your subscribers have the best possible experience while subscribing to your publication. We make it easy for them to update their contact information, stay in touch with your publishing staff, and even renew their subscription.

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Gain new subscribers

Magz was designed to be simple to use for both the subscriber and the publisher. Therefore, the better the experience signing up for your publication, the more likely you will retain a lifelong subscriber. Poor experiences lead customers away for potentially valuable publications, but with Magz you will be offering your customers a fulfillment experience that is little matched in the industry.

Command line with workflow tasks.


Magz has plans that start at $900/month which is enough to cover 2,500 subscribers and includes 250 domestic (US) address verifications, 25 international address verifications, 250 campaign PDFs, 100 Full-Color First Class USPS Letters (with optional return envelopes) and 10 International First Class USPS Letters (with optional return enevelopes).

If you are interested in scheduling a demo, please contact

For Subscribers Subscribers can pay for their subscriptions using a mail-by-check Bill Me Later service (where they send their checks to your office directly) or by Credit Card which is processed by Stripe. By default, all publications accept Bill Me Later however only publishers who have supplied a Stripe API account credentials are able to capture instant credit card payments from popular cards like VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and several others.
For Publishers Publishers can pay by invoice, check, or a credit card such as a VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and even Bitcoin.

You can either contact sales before or after you sign up for an account at Magz and simply request a demonstration of the platform and the features it can offer you.

Additionally, Magz has an extensive collection of support documentation that can be found within the Magz administrative control panel.

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