Magz Pricing

We offer competitive rates and offer plans that can keep up with your publication's growth.

Choose the plan that works for you

$ 900
per month
$ 1,200
per month
$ 1,800
per month
Request Demo
Maximum Subscribers 2,500 5,000 10,000
Address Verifications
Included Monthly
Overages $0.07/ea $0.25/ea
Yes 250 Verifications
25 Verifications
Yes 500 Verifications
50 Verifications
Yes 1,000 Verifications
100 Verifications
Generated PDFs
Included Monthly
Yes 250 PDFs Yes 500 PDFs Yes 1,000 PDFs
USPS Mailings
Included Monthly
$2.00/first class
100 First Class
10 International
150 First Class
15 International
200 First Class
20 International
Support Level
48 Hour SLA
Yes Email Yes Email & Chat Yes Email & Chat
Customize Legal Terms
Specify your own Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, COPPA, and GDPR
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Static Pages
Create your own static pages like Contact Us, Return Policy, Advertising Terms, etc.
Yes 5 Pages Yes 10 Pages Yes 15 Pages
GDPR Compliant
General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679
Yes Fully Compliant Yes Fully Compliant Yes Fully Compliant
Free Subdomain
Yes 1 Subdomain Yes 2 Subdomains Yes 3 Subdomains
Download CSV Reports
Yes Advanced Yes Advanced Yes Advanced
Chat Integration
Add a chat widget to your site.
Yes Intercom or Other Yes Intercom or Other Yes Intercom or Other
Administrator Accounts
Extensive permissions make creating restricted administrator accounts possible for office staff.
Yes 3 Admins Yes 6 Admins Yes 9 Admins
Annual Commitment No No No No No No
Payment Integration
We use Stripe to process payments.
Yes Specify Your Own Stripe API Credentials
This means when customer's pay for their invoices you will receive the funds in your own Stripe account.
Admin Access Logs
Keep tabs on what your admins are doing
Yes Add-On $30/month
Detailed Admin Logs
Chat Integration
Add a chat widget to your site
Yes Add-On $3/month
Bring your own chat service like Zendesk LiveChat or Intercom
Custom Advertisements
Monetize your instance of Magz
Upload Custom Static Ad Image (Top Banner)
Add-On Custom Ad Snippet Code $3/month
Track user activity
Yes Basic Analytics Tracking
Yes Add-On Bring Your Own $3/month
Fulfillment Exports
CSV reports you provide to your printer
Yes Full Account Export
Yes Add-On Custom Search Export $3/month
Custom Domain
Yes Add-On $30/month
You buy the domain, we provide an SSL certificate for you and configure Magz accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Magz does not limit the number of subscribers that a publishing company can manage. Third party services, such as Address Verification and Automated Letter Delivery are subject to limits per the license agreements negotated between Magz and those service providers. Currently the limits for Address Verifications is 25,000 per month and Automated Letter Deliveries is 5,000 per month. If you require more than these limits please Contact Sales.

Magz offers a 10% discount if you commit to a 24 month contract. If this is something that your publishing firm is interested in, please Contact Sales. Discount is applied at the end of the month in your invoice.

Discount applies to Dedicated Infrastructure plans with a commitment to a 24 month contract.

No credit card is required to sign up. When no credit card is present in the company profile premium services such as Automated Letter Deliveries and Address Verification are paused until a valid credit card is provided or you contact Sales. If your publication acquires new orders during this period they are queued up and will be processed once your account has finished settig up.

Yes! In fact, Magz automatically upgrades your plan depending on your subscriber count. For instance, if you're currently on the Standard Plan and you acquire your 3,001st subscriber (by the way, congratulations) your account will automatically be upgraded to the Standard plan beginning the following month.

With automatic upgrades you will immediately take advantage of discounted rates as your subscriber base grows. If you're currently on the Ashes rate with 3,000 subscribers and you make it to the Baby Bird threshold with 3,001 subscribers (congrats by the way) you're entire rate you pay will drop by $0.06

You can cancel your account at any time so long as your account balance is $0.00. If you have an outstanding balance, you will need to pay that balance in full before you can cancel your account.

Yes we do! Here is our enterprise pricing structure. With Magz Enterprise you can install Magz on your own infrastructure. Licensing options are flexible and are based on the number of subscribers you currently have.
Subscribers Annual Licenses Only
< 6,000 Subscribers $17,282.55/year (as low as $0.33/subscriber/month)
6,001-50,000 Subscribers starts at $17,282.88/year (as low as $0.24/subscriber/month)
50,001-100,000 Subscribers starts at $108,002.16/year (as low as $0.18/subscriber/month)
100,001+ Subscribers starts at $144,001.44/year (as low as $0.12/subscriber/month)

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